Friday, June 1, 2007

Jupe De Cru

I love anything one-of-a-kind and a little out of the ordinary, and these words define the shops that I also like to spend my days off browsing in. So, when I stumbled across this vintage skirt from Italy, I immediately checked the size (yes, it fit!) and I knew I just had to have it!

I purchased it at the end of last summer, but I knew at the time that it is a skirt for all seasons. I dress it up in the fall/winter with a pair of stiletto boots and black turtleneck, and in the spring/summer with my Givenchy sling backs which I picked up for a song at another one of my favourite consignment shops. Consignment shops are the ideal shopping location for university students like myself who want to look stylish on a dime! Beauty on a budget, in other words!

It also reminds me so much of the outfits Sarah Jessica Parker was fortunate enough to wear as "Carrie Bradshaw" on Sex and the City. And although I consider myself a jeans and t-shirt kind of a girl it's always nice to dress up once in awhile, spray on the Chanel No. 5 and go out dancing with the girls!


Sheila said...

It is very chic, and you must look very stylish when you wear it..!

Rosemary said...

It must look beautiful on you.

Susie Q said...

How beautiful you will look!
Just so lovely...I showed the picture to Grace and she agreed it was Tres' Chic!


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I totally agree with your comments! Very SJP! It's gorgeous! I loved the sea-foam green dress she wore in the last episode...sigh...!!!

cityfarmer said...

That is something I would not have been able to walk away from either.......FABULOUS

PAT said...

Fabulous skirt!
Your style and my granddaughter's style are so very similar. Her mom shopped in those shops when she was in college. Only then, she was going for Diane Keaton's, Annie Hall look. Can't go wrong there either!:-)

Back Porch Musings

Mary said...

Now that's really fabulous - you must really "knock 'em dead" when dressed up in the stiletto boots..........makes me want my youth back, lol! Fancy finding vintage Italian clothes - you must be a super shopper.