Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Un Colis des Cadeaux Français-Inspirés

"In the golden chain of friendship...

Regard me as a link"


This morning I awoke to a beautiful parcel at my front door from Q. Inside I found French gifts - everything from two silk scarves with Parisian designs on them, little French finger puppets, a beautiful vintage perfume catalogue and 3 Eiffel Tower statues. My collection is growing, thanks to my generous friends and family. I am overwhelmed by Q's generosity, and I want to thank her for this beautiful package.


Q said...

Dear French Nest,
You are so welcome. I am glad you liked the little things. The bottle opener and pencil sharpener just called out to be with you. With all your wonderful baking I thought the cookie cutter just had to be yours! Scarves are grand on dressers and around a lovely bag, your new one would be just the ticket for a paris scarf.
I will keep putting the French things that come my way to the side for you. When a box is filled I will send it up.
I love the little things being with you.
Thank you for your kind post!

Sheila said...

Kate how lovely..!
Q (Sherry) is a special lady, and I'm not surprised she did this for you.

Southern Heart said...

What lovely and thoughtful treasures, for a very special lady! :)

Susie Q said...

What special treasures...for a very special lady! Q must be a dear and wonderful lady!


Rosemary said...

How nice. Isn't it fun. I love anything French.