Monday, June 4, 2007

Nuit De Film

This past weekend, mum and I went to our favourite 'small and unpretentious' movie theatre located just downtown. There's a much more relaxed, comfortable atmosphere there as opposed to the larger cinemas and, *bonus*, with $5.00 tickets, there's plenty of cash left over for goodies (aka popcorn, soda, raisonettes, junior mints, etc....)! After seeing the film "Perfect Stranger" with my girlfriends a few months ago (and raving about it since then), I just had to take my mum to go and see it. Not only are two hunks in it (Bruce Willis and Giovanni Ribisi), but it's a favourite genre of ours: horror meets drama with a twist for an ending.

My mum and I consider ourselves to be "eager beavers" when it comes to being on time, and we actually arrived 45 minutes BEFORE the movie started! But, this gave us plenty of time to choose our 'treats', find the perfect seats, browse through the theatre magazines, catch up on some gossip and have a few laughs. It was a perfect 'girls night' out!


Rosemary said...

I want to see that movie. I love those too. Sounds like a fun time. Tell your mom that I arrive early for everything.
By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. That is what we did, flea market then out to breakfast.
It was really fun!

Sheila said...

You and your Mum sound like my daughter and I. One winter when she was expecting her first baby, we had planned to go and see Ralph Fiennes in a film called The End of the Affair. Came the day we had a terrific snow storm, we called ahead and the theatre was still open. We made it in lots of time, and found we were the only two in the theatre. We stocked up on treats and cried our way through the film as we had our own private screening.!
I hadn't heard of this film, perhaps it is one we should go and see together.
Thanks for telling us about it..

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

You are just like me-I am always early too! Sounds like you both had a great time!!

Geek Mythology said...

I Hope you didn't make too much noise with all those sweet wrappers! :D

Susie Q said...

Nothing better than movie nights...or afternoons...mornings...*laugh*
And the treats of choice are as important as the movie!

This looks like a great film and your theater sounds like one I would love!


Anonymous said...