Friday, May 18, 2007

Trésors De Grenier

I continue to be inspired daily by the creative, intelligent humorous women who share their experiences and daily realities through their blogs. Recently I was inspired by two such women, Rosemary and Vallen, who found some magnificent treasures which were passed down to them by friends and family. I thought it might be interesting to look through my own attic and see what treasures I could locate.

The treasures I did find only attest to the fact that I am a child of the '80s...first of all, my two major crushes were Fred Penner and Michael Jackson. I've always been attracted to musical people...and who can resist a man wearing red leather! I came across my Michael Jackson "Thriller" tape and my Fred Penner/Sesame Street albums, as well as albums from two of my favourite musicals: West Side Story and The Sound of Music (did I mention I also had a crush on Christopher Plummer?)

Then, I came across my vintage "The Wizard of Oz" poster. I had completely forgotten I had this, but it hung on my wall as a child and it has always been a favourite film of mine.

All of my treasures brought me back to my childhood in the '80s, and I want to thank Rosemary and Vallen for the inspiration to go digging through my attic and coming across these wonderful things.


Sheila said...

I remember my daughter having a Michael Jackson album called (I think)..'Off the Wall'?
He looked so different in those days..!
Things look so different when we look back down the years.
Have a lovely Victoria Day weekend.

Rosemary said...

Wow, you found some great stuff in the attic. I love it, and I'm glad that I was inspiring to you.
Thank you for that.
I love The Wizard of Oz poster. How great is that??
My daughter wants Thriller played at her wedding reception. I had a guy in my dance class who was in the Thriller video.
Anyway, have a great weekend, and check my new blog post when you get a chance.

Deb said...

Great photo's (and memories) of some of your childhood favourites!

Vallen said...

It's a treasure trove of eighties fun.