Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Listes Pluvieuses De Jour

There is nothing better to do on rainy days than curl up with a favourite book, watch B & W movies or musicals, bake a warm treat, or make do-to lists. Although we have had more than our share of cold rainy days these past few weeks, summer is still fast approaching. So this afternoon, while I was watching "Dirty Dancing", I decided to jot down my Summer To-Do List:

  1. Catch up on my reading (lots of books seem to be gathering dust on my's amazing how many textbooks, rather than novels, a student reads in a year!)

  2. Perfect my baking skills (years of watching the Food Network can do that to a person)

  3. Ride my bike (it's been wayyy too long...)

  4. Visit the Farmer's Market (a favourite in our town, the Farmer's Market sets up shop three times a week...lots of fresh produce to enjoy and flowers to smell)

  5. Sketch, paint, create!

  6. Spend Saturday mornings at garage sales and thrift shops

  7. Walk barefoot

  8. Eat lots of ice cream without the guilt (especially NY Style Cherry Cheesecake ice cream...if you haven't tried it this should be on YOUR summer to-do me, you'll thank me later)

  9. Swim!

  10. Take lots of long walks to the beach and the park with my favorite fellow (my beautiful Black lab Ben)

  11. Wear cute skirts, short-shorts and stylish sunglasses

  12. Visit lots of craft shows (this brings me to #13...)

  13. Sell my work in a craft show (this is on mum's list, too!)

  14. Take the time to stop and smell the flowers

  15. Garden and plant lots of tulips, snap dragons, pansies and sunflowers

  16. Travel (Paris would be nice!)

  17. Go on road trips

  18. Watch my favourite movies, musicals, and television shows (don't laugh, but I can't wait for 'Big Brother')

  19. Pack a picnic

  20. Visit our favourite little shops downtown

  21. Take belly dancing and salsa lessons

  22. Have lots of girls nights

  23. Go to the movie theatre

  24. Go bird watching

  25. Take lots of photographs

  26. Go to an outdoor concert

  27. Enjoy every moment summer has to offer!

Qu'a lieu Votre Été À- Énumère ?

(What's on your Summer To-Do List?)


Rosemary said...

I am with you, on most of those things. I like watching Big Brother too.
My daughter went to see the 20th anniversary of Dirty Dancing, last week.
They played it, for only 2 nights at the movies.
I would like to know where I can get that ice cream?? It sounds so good.

Sheila said...

Summer will drift by as it always has, with never quite enough time to do all the things I want. I hope you manage to do at least half of what is on your list, even that will keep you busy...LOL
My only MUST do as of yet, is to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie that comes out may 25th..!

Q said...

Good summer to do's!
Birds and butterflies are on my summer list!

Vallen said...

My list is curiously similar to yours. Summer fun - the best kind!!! The whole idea of it keeps me going.

The Feathered Nest said...

You're going to have a busy summer! Like Sheil, the only thing I have to do this summer is Pirates, other than that I try to keep it loose. We're so scheduled and full of activities during the school year that we all need a breather.

What a wonderful picture of your black lab Ben. I'm sure he enjoys those walks with you just as much as you do! We can't even say the word in front of Maxie - we have to spell it out - but I think he's catching on!