Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tous Que J'Ai jamais voulus...

All I ever wanted growing up was to be surrounded by animals. My love for animals began at a very young age and was passed down to me by my mum who always said "When you teach a child not to step on an insect, you do as much for the child as you do the insect." These are words that I have lived by for twenty two years, and words I also intend on passing down to my own children one day.

When I was three, I was given a blue budgie I named "Bobby". Bobby, a very timid and shy bird, was one of many pets that helped spark my interest in animal rights, PETA and vegetarianism, three things that I continue to be very passionate about to this day.

When I turned eleven, I got a brown and white hamster from a small pet shop that had three little dots down his back and it was those three little dots that earned him his name: Gideon Wallace Charles. After Gideon (or Giddy as we nicknamed him) was Daisy and Charley, two hamsters with very sweet dispositions. Then it was Jake, a yellow and green budgie who was very smart and whose quirky personality kept us on our toes and made us laugh. And, of course, then came Jax, Jake's twin in appearance but his polar opposite in terms of personality. Jax is timid, shy and quiet, except when his feathered friends come to visit him at the kitchen window. And last, but definitely not least, came along Benny my beautiful 10 and a half year old Black lab dog whose beautiful white beard and soulful brown eyes are usually posted right here on this very blog.

The beauty of having animals is not just the feeling of taking responsibility and loving your pets, but also the ways in which our pets enrich our lives daily.


Sheila said...

Pets are an important part of any family. Also a valuable thing for children growing. Yours have been and still are obviously well loved. Ben is beautiful, and has a more than a few fans in blogland.

Q said...

Dear French Nest,
The love of life is so strong in you. I am sure you will always be full of animal (and bug)care. The world needs you!
Some of us are older and somewhat tired, it is nice to know you are here to pass the mantle to.
Thank you.
We also had many pets as the children grew up:dogs,cats,birds hamsters,rabbits,fish,snakes, turtles.......
Strays seemed to find my kids!

Naturegirl said...

I just came in from your moms site and saw Ben and here he is again and You do know that I too am in ~love with Ben.~ It was his ~soulfull eyes~ that drew me to your moms site!Your mum taught you well in teaching you how special our animals are to us.I could never be without one or two or three!You were surrounded by pets growing up as it should be!Great post! hugs NG

Deb said...

Your love, care & compassion for animals and all of nature is such an admirable trait!!

Vallen said...

I love looking at your pictures of Ben. He just looks so huggable.

Southern Heart said...

Our pets are part of our family, too. I love visiting both you and your mother...I always come away inspired, and uplifted!

cityfarmer said...

Coming from the farm all of our pets were outdoors...they were too dirty to let come inside.

Susie Q said...

Pets ARE our family aren't they?
Ben is so beautiful and has a huge fan in me that is for sure!

I loved reading this post, as I do all your writing. Your pictures have just been lovely!