Thursday, April 12, 2007

Un jour de créer

This evening I went through a few of my crafts that I started last summer and, when I have time here and there, in between studying, or when I need a little break, I'll work on a few pieces at one time. Very rarely do I work individually on one project and complete it in one go. I like having an assortment of half-completed projects, because when I'm feeling bored working on one thing I know I can move over to something else...and I also find that when I go back to it, I go back with a different vision.

A few years ago, mum and I had an idea of having a sale in our home. I was in high school at the time, so a lot of my friends, their mums and grandmothers came by. It was very much a girls night and afterwards, we went to the Midnight Madness sale at our mall and spent most of our earnings...the rest we spent on take-out! So, with no more crafts left, a new wardrobe and a gut full of pizza, the only thing left to do was begin all over again! We've made everything from 'fairy jars', collages made with vintage magazine ads, and an altered art picture of Marilyn Monroe...everybody's favourite blonde bombshell (except my mum's...we all know that that's Doris Day!)

We've sold at various venues and this year, we are hoping to find a spot that we can return to on a regular basis to sell our items. In the meantime, it's always fun creating and coming up with new ideas.


Sheila said...

First of all let me say I love your new banner, it is BEAUTIFUL Kate..did you make this yourself...Wow..!
As for the crafts, I admire you industry, I start with good intentions and don't get far..LOL I hope you are able to find a regular selling place...what about one of those craft stores with a booth that can be rented for a low monthly you have any near you..?

Southern Heart said...

I noticed the new banner first thing, too....very pretty!

I tend to be one with a few projects going at all times, too. Mine may be because I'm sometimes a great initiator/delegator, but not so good with follow-through. I just love collages, and you seem to have so many great ideas. I hope that you find a good outlet for sharing your lovely creations.

Thank you so much for your kind messages---you helped make my birthday especially nice!

Q said...

Dear French Nest,
I too used to make things and sell them. Lots of garden crafting for me. Having one place you take your things to and pick up a check is very nice. It is fun and lots of work. I bet you and your mum do very well.
The new banner is pretty!
You site is a delight!

Susie Q said...

I adore the banner Kate. It is just stunning.
How lucky people who could shop for your creations would be! I hope you find the proper venue soon.
Your site is always candy for my eyes...