Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Fille Avec Des Poulets

"Fille Avec Des Poulet"

Girl With Chickens

Whenever mum and I go garage sale-ing, we are amazed to see how many sentimental treasures find their way out onto a table in a driveway! This picture was one of those treasures, and I got the chance to hear the story behind it. I was immediately drawn to its pastoral colours and vintage look. When the owner of it approached me and told me how it had hung in her nursery in Germany as a child, and how she then hung it in her own children's rooms when they were babies, I knew it was too good to pass up! And, at only $1 I knew I was getting a bargain. This Easter, we plan to display it on our buffet table and surround it with Easter eggs, chocolates, and our collection of nests and birds.


Jeanne said...

So very lovely indeed.

Gardengirl said...

Your right....there are so many treasures to be found at yard sales. Soon the sales will be under way and I will be there to find those little treasures.

Naturegirl said...

Sweet little girl..I am a girl with ducks these days!:)NG

Sheila said...

I'm always surprised that people will part with such sweet things, especially those with family history.
Their loss...your gain, it will make a lovely addition to an Easter disply.

cityfarmer said...

Gotta love it...them...it...all of them...all of it...wonderful junk