Sunday, April 8, 2007

J'Ai été étiqueté !

"Each of us was born with wings and has the ability to go farther than we ever thought possible, to do things beyond our wildest imaginings."
- Barbara Stanny
I've been tagged for a 'Thinking Blogger Award'! Alright, I confess, there may have been some bias involved since it was mum who tagged me, but it's still nice to know that my blog has brought some inspiration to at least one person, and it's even nicer to know that that one person has been my mum. Although I have so many favourite blogs that I visit as often as I can, there are a few that I must share which inspire me daily.

1.) Posted From Home: Not only am I blessed to have my mum, but I am also blessed to be able to visit a daily journal showcasing all of her inspirations, quotes, and our family traditions wherever I may be.

2.) Tongue in Cheek: Corey shares stories of living in France and being surrounded by French traditions and antiques. This is a must-visit blog, especially if you are a lover of all things French.

3.) Q: Sherry is not only a talented photographer, but her photographs capture the essence behind every animal that visits her. You will be sure to learn something new every time you visit.

4.) Pam Garrison: Pam shares her amazing altered art and other hand-crafted creations which will inspire you to create your own unique pieces.

5.) My Cozy Home: Allison takes the small joys of life and gives them new meaning. Her love of her home and family is evident in her beautiful surroundings, where she displays her amazing collections and finds.

I hope these blogs bring you as much joy and inspiration as they do for me.


Q said...

Dear French Nest,
Thank you so much!
I am honored.
The creatures were here long before me and I think it is ever so nice we have learned how to share our Heaven on Earth.
May you have a glorious week.
Your bunny treats look yummm...

The French Nest said...

Corey from 'Tongue in Cheek' is unfortunately not able to leave a comment on my blog, so she has requested I post it for her:

"Dear French Nest,

I love your name.

Thank you for such an honor "Thinking Blog Award." I am glad to be thought of in such a kind way. Congratulations on your win, and for your inspiring blog too!

Thank you again for thinking of me!