Saturday, April 7, 2007

Festins de Pâques pour des amis

There are certain things that I'm known for, and my love for baking is one of them. I wouldn't come to work without bringing a sample of what I have recently attempted to make, and the girls at work have come to expect birthday cupcakes, Saturday morning banana bread, Christmas cookies and Easter treats among a few other things. This is especially true if I've watched a few episodes on the Food Network! I thought I'd play 'Easter Bunny' today and wrap up a few sugar cookies and chocolate eggs for my co-workers and their family.


Sheila said...

Hi Kate, first let me say
'Joyeuses Pâques'
...I don't speak French, but I got that from Babelfish...just for you!
Gosh I wish I worked with you, those treat looks great. I love the bunny cookies..they remind me of Max...the little boy rabbit on Max and Ruby!
Can you tell I have gandchildren ?I

Naturegirl said...

Wondeful Easter treats! Look at that bunny..I love it! Lucky girls at work!
You watch Food network..good for you!
Sending you an Easter blessing!
hugs NG