Monday, September 3, 2007

Nuit De Martini

This past week has been crazy! I have been working full-time at my usual day job and have spent my days off researching for school and crafting in preparation for an art sale mum and I are planning to enter at the end of November. It's a bit of a way off, but I'm sure the time will fly by and it (as well as Christmas!) will be here in no time. So, I thought I should get a head start on my crafts.

But all of that work and crafting worked up quite a thirst, so my friends and I headed out for Martini's! The Martini House opened for the first time a few months ago downtown and it is the perfect spot out with your friends before another long week at work begins. We ordered Berry Berry Martinis...berry infused vodka with cranberry juice...and of course, no drink would be complete without dessert, so we went for the chocolate mousse cake. As you can see, it barely lasted long enough for me to take a picture!

It was a lot of fun, and I'm sure it will be a regular spot on the weekends for us!


Rosemary said...

Hi Kate,
Glad you are having fun, as well as getting ready for your craft show.
Don't work too hard.

Vallen said...

Now that sounds like a good idea.
Funny how craft shows just roar up on you. I hope you will give us a preview.

Susie Q said...

This sounds like a wonderful idea after such hard work! Take care of you and, will you be giving us all a preview??


PAT said...

Hi Kate...I like a good Chocolate Martini!
The cake looks like it was very very good!!