Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jolies Petites Choses

Here are a few pretty little things I've been working on with mum for the last week...

The first picture is of my collages, which I just finished a few nights ago. They're done on canvas boards, and I cover the front with pages from vintage books, music notes from antique music sheets, and various paper from Papyrus (my favourite paper store!). There all embellished with antique buttons, stickers, stamps, glitter, eggs, nests, small frames, antique lace and scrabble pieces. And since I don't photocopy any of my pictures, each one is unique and different.

The second picture is of seashell balls embellished with, of course, seashells and complete with antique pearls. These are the most time-consuming because each seashell and pearl is glued by hand while any white space must be covered. At a garage sale last year, mum and I came across antique dowels which were remnants taken from a farmhouse. We've made them into candle holders, complete with hand rolled sheets of all-natural beeswax. At the same garage sale, I also found a set of vintage tea cups and saucers, and I plan on placing an embellished ball complete with bird in each one. Some are depression glass, some are china so each one individualizes the piece.

The last picture is of my journals. Anyone who loves to write or jot down thoughts in a pretty journal will love my "VAMP", "TRES CHIC", or "WISH" notebooks. These are complete with pearls, stamps, scrabble letters, seals...even fun (faux) fur! And inside of each one is a black and white seal so that you can personalize with your name.

The one thing we're having a dilemma with is pricing each we may visit a few shows of our own first to do some comparison shopping!

The only things left now are to finish up our shadow boxes, blackboards, soldered charms and tree ornaments....basically enough to keep us busy until the day of the sale!


Q said...

Dear Kate,
Your crafts are very beautiful.
I know you will sell out quickly.
Crafting with your Mum must be ever so fun.

Rosemary said...

Hi Kate,
I love everything that you have made. You and mum are quite talented.
It's so nice you two can work together on projects.
Have a good week,

Naturegirl said...

Kate the shell balls and beeswax candles interest me! I must get to your sale..let us know where!!
Beautiful artwork! hugs NG

the feathered nest said...

Everything you made is beautiful. I especially love the journals!


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Yum-O! Kate,
It all looks divine and fine. I wonder if I would ever make it out to one of your shows? Tell me where it is, and I will come and purchase!
(Doing the meme on Thursday!)

Sheila said...

I love it all. Especially the seashell balls, what treasures!
You will sell everything so quickly, I know it!

red tin heart said...

I love the journals. I make journals too. xo nita

Pam Aries said...

Oh My Gosh! I was wandering through the shops at Charleston Place the other day and WHat did I discover??? A new Papyrus store! I have never been in one. I was mesmerised! THey have the coolest cards ever! THey had very few embellisments and the like though! But THE cards!!! Your collages are darling!

cityfarmer said...

How fun...memories are made of just this...You must be a young do you sell your things?

Stop on over for birthday fun...I celebrate for a whole week

Susie Q said...

Oh Kate...your art is gorgeous.
You have such a and your Mother are such special people.

I want to try the name meme this week. I will come up with a different spin on it since I did it awhile ago!
I do want to play though!


Kari & Kijsa said...

What beautiful creations! Would love to see one of your shows!

Mary said...

You've created some beautiful things here Kate - they will sell well I think. Don't you just love paper - so many gorgeous ones out there to inspire. My heart races when I shop Archiver's and other scrapping shops - so much stuff I want to bring home to play with!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

I love your collages and your journals. Everything looks lovely.