Friday, July 20, 2007

Et le gagnant est...

Benny has a nose for names, so naturally, he selected the winner for my 100th post give-away.

And Benny chose....

Andrea @ Southern Heart!
Please contact me at Andrea, with your contact information and I will send your package off to your nest from mine.
And thanks to everyone for commenting!
A very special thanks goes out to my lovely assistant, Mr. B!


the feathered nest said...

Your "assistant" is too cute! Congratulations to Andrea, she's a sweetheart!


PAT said...

Congratulations to Andrea!

Mr Ben is beautiful, as always...what a guy!


Cheryl said...

Yay! Andrea!

Southern Heart said...

I was away from the computer yesterday, and am thrilled to come back to such an exciting message! I so happy to have won your giveaway! I always enjoy my visits with you, and am lucky to have won such beautiful treasures, too. I will use them for special collages using copies of the photos of my French relatives. My mother will especially be pleased. :)

Give Mr. Ben a big hug from me, too.

Love, Andrea

Rosemary said...

Congrats to Andrea!!!

Susie Q said...

Oh Benny! Too sweet!! Congratulations to dear Andrea!

Mister Ben is a darlin'!

(So is Andrea too)

Oh yes...and lovely Kate as well!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

That is so sweet!