Monday, July 16, 2007

Destination : Niagara-sur-le-Lac

Shaw Theatre

Main St., Niagara-on-the-Lake
Since we all had today off of work, we decided to head down to Niagara-on-the-Lake from some shopping. Niagara-on-the-Lake is a beautiful, picturesque town and is considered a national historic site. It is also considered Ontario's wine region, since it is situated among vineyards which stretch for miles. It is the perfect town to stop in for wine tastings and tours, shopping, browsing for antiques, watching a theatre performance at the Shaw Theatre, sailing, high tea at the Prince of Whales Hotel or shopping for real estate, especially if you're in the B&B business.

Two shops we particularly like are Serendipity and Cecile's Home & Gift shop, two stores with a French twist. They sell everything from table linens and home decor items, to books and toiletries, and are a must when visiting. I purchased a French print umbrella, which I will post the next time it rains (right now it's drying off on the front porch!), and I spotted a vintage French baker's rack. I didn't purchase it, but I have been thinking about it ever since! Unfortunately, we had no more room left in the car, but it's an area we visit often in the summer, so I will stop off again sometime this summer to snap it up!

Another must is fudge from Maple Leaf Fudge. You cannot beat homemade Niagara-on-the-Lake fudge, made with real butter. This is a tradition of ours and we cannot leave without a slab of chocolate nut (made with imported Dutch chocolate!). It is, without a doubt, the best fudge I have ever had!

So, if you are looking for somewhere to visit this summer I suggest spending the day at Niagara-on-the-Lake. It is a town for all ages, so book a room at one of the beautiful b&b's, catch a play at one of the Shaw Theatres, grab a bite to eat at the Shaw Cafe, visit all of the beautiful boutiques, and don't forget to grab a slab of the best fudge you'll ever have to enjoy on the way home...
You will not be disappointed!
P.S.-Tomorrow is my 100th post and I plan on doing something very special to celebrate! I would love for you to all visit if you're able to!


Rosemary said...

OOH Kate,
Love that old theater building.
I use to love a shop called Serendipity in my town. It closed down about a year ago.
No I didn't have champagne or pastry at the French festival.
We are all on the wedding diet around here. I did buy a cute tee shirt though.
Sounds like you had a fun day.

Geek Mythology said...

I remember that fudge shop! I could hardly believe the number of varieties they had!!

KLKinFLA said...

This looks and sounds like heaven!

T*mmy said...

Sounds like a lovely place and now you have me craving fudge made with real butter *smacking lips*

oldflowers4me said...

hello darling girl- oh my your world is beautiful... singing and skipping love jo.

Pam Aries said...

Thank you for stopping by! My good friend just moved back to Upstate New York..near Montreal..She has invited me to come visit! Ooo lala!

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

Looks like a nice place to visit. I am planning a trip to Watertown NY in the next couple of weeks. I guess I will be close by. Maybe I can get over to see everything. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Pop over anytime.

thevintageboquet said...

Hello Kate..I enjoyed the visit to your blog..if you are like me, when you find a treasure that catches your eye (the french bakers rack) and you continue to have thoughts/dreams/wishes about it, you just HAVE to have it! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog..enjoy Deb

wisteriagirl said...

Hi Kate...Thank you for visiting my Blog, today and thank you for your kind words. I enjoy reading your Blog and wish I could come visit you. Hugz, Cindy

Rubyred said...

Hi Kate,Thank you for ieaving a message on my blog,Glad you liked the red baby shoes.Sounds like you had a lovely day out,those shops sound gorgeous!

Ragged Roses said...

Niagara on the Lake sounds wonderful - French shops and fudge - perfect combination! Just read on the post below about the french patisserie, we have one near us and I could eat the entire contents!
Kim x

Jeanne said...

I love Niagara on the Lake so beautiful and charming and quaint.
I love the works of Trisha Romance too and love the butterfly museum on the way there and the Prince of Whales hotel and all the lovely things there.
It is called the Hamptoms of the North.
Very charming and exquisite.
I too love that shop Serendipity

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Kate, that looks so wonderful! How bad can it be, Stores that are "French" and chocolate Fudge, this sounds like the perfect place! It looks very beautiful, too.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Kate!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment!

And what a nice mini tour. Pretty flowers...and now I want fudge. LOL

Congratulations on your 100th post!
It will be quite awhile before I'm there.

Kimberly :)

Q said...

Dear KAte,
Lovely little town. I enjoyed my trip to Canada and Niagara in 2000.
We drove from K.C. Missouri, USA to P.E.I. Canada and back. Fun road trip.
Happy 100th!
All of your posts are so enjoyable.
I will let others have their names in the drawing. I already have a sweet gift from you.

Susie Q said...

I love that area. When we were stationed in upstate NY, we were up that way several times. LOVED it.

Love seeing the pictures!


Blue said...

Happy 100th post, Kate! I am behind, just reading back what I missed from when I was away.
Niagara on the Lake is such a nice day trip isn't it? And you are right about the fudge, it just doesn't get any better. I like the chocolate maple walnut myself.

Anonymous said...

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