Saturday, January 13, 2007

Une vieille version avec une nouvelle torsion !

An old version with a new twist...I take my mum's tried, tested, and true recipes and kick it up a notch. Some of my favourite childhood memories revolve around the kitchen and baking with my mum. I recall telling her that the reason her treats tasted so good was because she blew kisses into the bowl as she stirred the batter...I'm pretty sure she did, and this is what still makes them taste so good! As she made homemade treats for us to enjoy, I would mimick her, standing behind my Fisher Price kitchen with my apron and oven mitt (for some reason, I always took things out of the "oven" with the hand that didn't have the mitt...go figure) and used playdough to create my "treats". My love of eating these comfort treats soon evolved into a passion for baking and using her basic recipes, I add my own flair. One favourite recipe is our Cranberry and Pecan Biscotti, a combination I have dabbled with until I think I have created a unique and delicious version. I won't let all my secrets out, but I like to take one end of the biscotti and dip it in white chocolate (because what doesn't taste better with a little chocolate!) I've been persuaded to enter this recipe into a cookie contest, so wish me all luck! If it's a winner, I'll post the recipe (and if it's not, I'll still post it, and you can tell me if I was cheated!)


Naturegirl said... decatant!!Yes who doesn't like chocloate!Best of luck entering the contest..:)NG

Morning Glory said...

Are those as yummy as they look??

RoseMary said...

They look absolutely delicious. It's always fun to take a recipe and make it your own. Best of luck. I'm looking forward to trying the recipe when you post it.

Anonymous said...

What a very pretty blog!

Lisa(oceandreamer) said...

wishing you loads of luck with the contest...I think using white chocolate makes them elegant...perfect with a cup of tea.

Susie Q said...

Good Luck! They look so yummy and they are beautiful too!
I just love reading your is a mini vacation for me! : ) A sweet place to visit after a hectic day.

Jeanne said...

I too have many fond memories of times shared with great people and food.
For some money talks but for me chocolate sings.
La La Love you Babeeeeee
Love Jeanne ^j^

Thanks for your visits and kind words always.
They mean so very much!

Chris said...

Good luck with the contest. They look delicious!