Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mon "pour faire" la liste à Paris

The city of Paris has a certain je ne sais pas...it has always inspired me. This is my list of the Top 10 things to do in Paris:

1.) Admirez la grace et l'élégance du Tour Eiffel

2.) Visitez une boulangerie et appréciez les croissants français de délicatesses...croissants, bagettes...

3.) Marchez par les marchés en plein air, des marchés aux puces, des musées et des objets exposés d'art

4.) Passez les heures dans un vieux magasin antique de livre

5.) Voyagez la ville par l'intermédiaire du bateau, du train, du pied, et de la voiture !

6.) Folie chez Chanel et Dior

7.) Jetez les penny de cuivre brillants dans une fontaine comme le jour de Doris Day en 'Avril à Paris

8.) Achetez un béret et jetez-le dans le ciel comme Mary Tyler Moore

9.) Marchez sur des rues de caillou

10.) Regardez fixement la tour d'Eiffel comme elle est allumée la nuit !

Quel est votre "pour faire" la liste à Paris ?


hihi0926 said...

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Q said...

Dear French Nest,
When I go to Paris I want to go to the Channel Salon and buy a scarf!
I also want to have my hair cut and go to the market and buy bread and cheese! I would also shop for a hat.
I loved Quebec. Would go there many times to prepare for Paris.
Now whenever I see anything French I think of you!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Your list is romantic and the dream of many!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I could actually figure out what your list consists of, drawing on old high school French.
Whenever I think of Paris (never been but the airport) I can hear the strains of "la vie en rose"....very touristy and cliche I know, but I do.

Sheila said...

Je ne parle francais ???
..and I don't speak French either..
but the Left Bank, a flea market or three, a bakery ( or three) and some old churches would do it for me..!

Pam Aries said...

ARE you reading my mind in French...??!!!??

Naturegirl said...

can't understand the language..but I am sure everything listed is exciting!

Jeanne said...

Ooooh La La
I love those french men and their sweet french kisses.
I adore this photo.
I have it above my computer.
Love you
Jeanne ^j^

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Kate, Happy Birthday to you...
Joyeux Anniversaire...?
Is that it ..Hope to have had a wonderful day...I only just found out from Deb's post..


Anonymous said...

I love this picture! I have a poster of it in my bedroom. My husband bought it for me years ago when we were still dating.

smilnsigh said...

I always wanted to see Paris. And on our 40th Anniversary, my husband gave me {us} Springtime in Paris. :-) And since I had Net-met and been emailing with a charming young Frenchman... he gave us pointers on where to stay.

And met with us 3 times, during our visit. Showing us 'the real Paris,' which he knew I wanted to see. He showed us la tour d'Eiffel, allumée la nuit. I will never forget it. Or any of the places he took us too. Or any of our lovely 8 days there. Although it was 8 years ago, now.