Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Le voyage d'une femme est son legs

"J'ai voulu une fin parfaite. Maintenant j'ai appris, la manière dure, que quelques poésies ne riment pas, et quelques histoires n'ont pas un commencement, un milieu et une extrémité clairs. La vie est au sujet de ne pas savoir, doite changer, prenant le moment et faisant le meilleur d'elle sans savoir ce qui va se produire après."

-Gilda Radner
This quote, and many others equally as inspirational, grace the pages of my "A Women's Journey is her Legacy" journal my mum gave me as a present. I've kept a journal for as long as I can remember. Not only are they perfect for jotting down your thoughts in the present, but they are wonderful to go back and read through thoughts and memories of the past. The journal has been divided into sections: spirituality, believing in your power, reaching goals, romance, the beauty of friendship, family, health, overcoming adversity and pain, dream and wish repository, joy catchers, home, finances, reaching out...and a very appropriate last section: whatever tickles you.

"A woman's walk in life is determined by destiny and enhanced by the roads she chooses. Her life unfolds and becomes meaningful through living, self-discovery, transformation and rebirth. Throughout her unique journey an alluring soul emerges unlike any other. Her life - a treasure. Her being - her legacy."

-Nita Howard


Pam Aries said...

What an inspiring Journal! Hve you ever done visual art journaling! It is a great way to journal too! I loved the pic of Benny in the snow! He reminded me of our dog ...he loved snow and would lie down and let it completely cover him!(he was a Huskie mix) He would run thru the snow shoveling it with his nose!

Vallen said...

I have always had the desire to keep a journal but lacked the stick-to-it-ness that keeping one entails. The blog, my sort of open journal, has been a successful way to chronicle at least a bit of my life.

Q said...

Dear French Nest,
So happy to see that you journal. I think it is one of the nicest ways of staying in touch with the inner most parts of ourselves. I do try to write every day in mine. I journal all sorts of thoughts, plans, comings and goings. I always keep a detailed trip journal when ever I travel too. I reread mine as well. I keep monthly journals so I know what was going on last year on this date and the year before and before....lovely journal too. How very grand it was a gift from your Mum.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I swear I could have written the exact same comment as Vallen.
I love to write so you'd think I'd have volumes yet I don't. I love how you have yours divided. Perhaps it's never too late to start one. (I used to years ago).

Jeanne said...

Fabulous my friend.
Keep the faith.
Love Jeanne ^j^

I love beautiful quotes and inspiration.
Love Jeanne

cityfarmer said...

I admit, the blog was to be my journal...but it needs to be more extensive, I know!!!

Lina 1 said...

I just happen to find your lovely blog. I can't express how wonderful it feels to see how this journal has touched the lives of so many women all over the world. Thank you!

Nita Lina Howard