Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dans le modèle convient à mon modèle !

This morning mum and I went out for breakfast at a local cafe where they also sell flowers, newspapers, and, of course, you knew what caught my eye....the new March edition of InStyle! And...with one of my favourite actresses on the cover, Sandra Bullock. Did anyone see the movie Crash? One word...amazing, and she was briliant in it. Looking at all the spring trends and seeing the snow melt outside has put me in a shopping mood! Look out VISA, you and I have a date!


Q said...

Dear French Nest,
A Spring outfit is always needed come the end of February! What colors are you thinking of? I love yellow! A bit of green is nice. Robin egg blue is good for Spring!
A pale pink is so beautiful. Something to match your lovely tulips? Shoes! One needs new Spring shoes. I think I will go get a new Spring frock! And shoes, new Spring shoes!
Thank you French Nest! Grand idea.

RoseMary said...

Sandra Bullock is always good in her movies! Hopeyou had fun shopping.

Jeanne said...

Sandra is great...........
I am so happy for you to look forward to Spring shopping.
Love and hugs
I love Spring!

smilnsigh said...

Oh I love Sandy too!

Have you seen her other movies also? She is a favorite, in this house. She seems to be so 'down-to-earth' and normal, so to speak... in real life I mean.

And she seems to be happily married to Jesse. Although I always wanted to see her marry Mathew McConakay {spelling??}. I thought they made such a cute couple, when they were seeing each other. :-)


LisaOceandreamer said...

I subscribe to InStyle and there was a time I'd RUN to the mailbox to see the new through the latest trends for the season, scope on handbags, read about the stars and see their homes. NOW, I still get it but once I glance through it I am looking for things to cut from it for collage. Times they have indeed changed.