Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Morning Garage Sales

In the midst of renovating, unpacking and getting settled into my new place, I realized I have lots of floor space, but very few decorative carpets and while I absolutely love the look of hardwood flooring, there is nothing more comforting then seeing a few beautiful wool rugs adorning a room. Mum and I did our usual garage sale hunt this morning, and stumbled across this beautiful shabby chic, Rachel Ashwell-inspired rug, adorned with pink flowers. I think it will look gorgeous underneath my IKEA white dining room set.

I also couldn't resist picking up these two beautiful queenly wire and brass crowns, and a small antique cup which will look perfect filled with a few cosmos or daisies and placed on my bathroom vanity.
Now, I am off to read Rachel Ashwell's book "The Gift of Giving" and be inspired!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 'Before' Photos

BEFORE: Hall Closet
BEFORE: Living Room (complete with all of our tools!)

BEFORE: Kitchen (complete with avocado green counter top)

BEFORE: Bathroom

Of course, Douggie was a HUGE help with the unpacking...

Hi everyone! Wow...I can't believe it has been almost two months since my last post. My absence can be explained by one thing, and one thing only....I purchased my first condo two months ago and I have been working tirelessly with my mum and dad since then! I am so fortunate to have two incredibly talented parents who have helped me turn this place from a student's bachelor pad to a show home...or rather, show condo. Everything but the kitchen sink (literally) was pulled out and replaced with more eco-friendly, energy-efficient and updated fixtures, appliances, flooring, and lighting fixtures.

The major challenge of all had to have been the walls. The previous owners had painted every square inch of the place with a dirty roller, leaving behind clumps of paint which required lots of scraping, sanding and cleaning. We ended up painting the walls a colour called "Antique White" which looks clean, fresh and completely changes the aura of the is so warm and inviting now. Then, it was on to the flooring...think '60s peel-and-stick retro tile underneath '80s blue carpeting...which was ripped up and replaced with dark chocolate brown hardwood flooring throughout. New shelving was placed in the closets, and bamboo blinds were put in (replacing blue venetian and vertical blinds). In the kitchen, a new counter top and faucet were installed, the cabinets were painted, and new drawer and cabinet pulls (purchased from Lee Valley) were attached. I am just awaiting the delivery of my beautiful Frigidaire stove to make my dream kitchen complete!

A few finishing touches have to be made in the bathroom (including new tile on the floor, lighting and a brand new bathroom vanity which looks a lot like the one here) alongside a few pictures and my venetian mirror which have to be hung on the walls, but other than that we are ready for business. I'm glad to have some free time on my hands to get back to posting on my blog, and I hope I never have to stay away that long again! I missed you all and am looking forward to hearing your feedback on the changes, as well as hearing about your summer vacations and plans for the Fall!

P.S. Stay tuned for the 'AFTER' photos...I can't wait to share them with you!