Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scrap Packs

What do you do when it rains for three days straight? Besides watching an endless array of B & W movies and chowing down on chocolate and other tasty treats, of course....Well, I decided to get together all of my additional scrap booking supplies that were left over from other creative endeavours, and put together "scrap packs". Each pack contains one word made out of chipboard and, believe it or not, I think the grand total at last count was 40 packs! I had to stop only because I ran out of my supply of plastic jewellery bags!
I also put together packages of scrap booking paper (4 in each package) with additional paper samples and decos. I'm doing this out of necessity more than anything, because in a months time I will be moving into my own one-bedroom apt. Although there are 3 closets, I have a feeling my clothes and collection of shoes and purses, more than anything, will be taking ownership of those spaces...
A garage sale is in the works, and the money will come in handy for a special mother-daughter trip mum and I have planned in the next few weeks....we'll keep you posted!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting Fresh

A glimpse into Anna's kitchen...

It's official:
"Fresh" is my new favourite show. Hosted by Anna Olson, pastry chef and host of Food TV's Sugar, the show follows Anna around her Niagara home and community as she makes delicious meals using only fresh, local and organic produce with a variety of different themes: Country Wedding, Harvest Supper, Spanish Tapas, French Bistro and Block Party, to name but a few. Her mantra? "Eat Local, Eat Fresh."
Not only are the meals she rustles up delicious looking, but her kitchen is an art form in itself. From the black and white tiled floor, the teal painted walls and back splash and the array of red, yellow and orange Le Creuset cookware, to the stainless steel appliances and professional restaurant ovens, Anna's kitchen is like a throwback to a '50s diner, combined with a modern twist.
The comfort foods combined with the playful atmosphere makes me want to run into the kitchen immediately after each episode and attempt to recreate the recipes. I've been dying to try her Pear and Spiced Chocolate Tart, so I'll keep you all posted and promise to post all the mouth-watering pictures to go with it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Wedding

A friend of mine from university got married over the weekend, and it was quite the event!
It all began with a beautiful outdoor ceremony at a golf and country club- and although we were getting a bit nervous with the forecast having anticipated rain all day, about 2 minutes prior to the ceremony beginning, the sun came out and the weather was beautiful. It was small and cozy, no more than about 75 friends and family members.
After the ceremony, we made our way indoors and enjoyed catching up with old friends over drinks and appetizers, all while watching the bride, groom and wedding party have their pictures taken.
Soon afterwards, the bride and groom joined us in the club, and were introduced prior to dinner as Mr. and Mrs.! To the theme song from Rocky, no less! Dinner was fantastic - soup and salad to start, then prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and steamed vegetables. For dessert, NY style cheesecake served with fresh strawberries.
We finished off the night dancing to everything from "Brown Eyed Girl" to "Thriller" (including all the Wacko Jacko dance moves), while taking pictures and stuffing our faces at the midnight dessert trolley - boy, that chocolate mousse sure was good!
The new couple looked beautiful together and we had a fantastic night. I wish them all the best as they begin their new life together...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bargains....and don't we all love those?

The weekend before last, mum and I came across one of those garage sales that you know will be THE garage sale of the wasn't like walking onto a driveway, it was like walking into a store - a store filled with all things French, romantic and vintage. And the best part? It hadn't been advertised in our local paper, so we didn't have to kick and fight our way through the fabulous finds! It was just pure luck...I found lots of fun items - frames, small chalkboard napkin rings from Pottery Barn (never opened!), antique shabby-chic plates, a gorgeous '50s looking cake top, and a chalkboard with the words "Cafe de Paris" written across the top - perfect for the kitchen to write down a grocery or to-do list.

Although this past week was less than successful, to be honest, I've spent the last 2 weeks admiring all these fabulous bargains...