Thursday, July 3, 2008

Small Wonders

As promised, here are the "egg" and "wish" shadow boxes I made a few days ago during one of our heatwaves. All it took were a few lengths of ribbon, vintage playing cards, scrabble blocks, stamps, stickers and a variety of different ads and pictures taken from antique children's books that I have collected over the years.

For the time being, I think I will have to add these two creations to the ever-growing pile of artwork that has accumulated on my desk, my mum's desk, and a variety of Tupperware bins in our art room.

I guess I should really get around to starting that Etsy shop, huh?


Deb said...

LOVE your new blog header collage Kate! And your egg & wish shadow boxes are fabulous!


Rosemary said...

You should Kate, that is so cute!!
Thank you! We will have a fun BBQ.

Jen r. said...

These are so cute! Jen R

Kathy said...

These are really great!