Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Additions to the Family

The boys doing what they do best...napping


Well, it's official...I am the proud mama of two beautiful cats, Angelo and Douggie.

A friend of mine has parents who own a beautiful farm that just happens to be infiltrated with cats...the most beautiful, well behaved cats you could ever imagine. I picked these two gorgeous boys out and we've been getting acquainted over the past couple of days. So far, I know that Douggie is the leader...he loves taking naps on my bed (and the kitchen counter). He's also fascinated by the computer and laptop. He loves leaping up on ledges and knocking things over. He follows me around like Ben used to. He's also partial to sleeping behind the microwave. His favourite toys are his felt fishy.

Angelo is a tad more complicated...he likes to hide behind the fridge most afternoons, then come alive in the early morning hours. He is much more shy then Douggie. His favourite corner is in my hall closet where I have a basket and fleece blanket set up. He loves plunking himself on my duvet and getting his belly rubbed. Did I also mention I've been feeding them dinner while on my duvet? It gives a whole new meaning to 'breakfast in bed'. I'm pretty sure both of them have me pegged as a 'sucker' already, and they know they have me wrapped around their little paws.

I am so excited to have these little guys join our family, and I can't wait to play the role of 'proud mama' and give you reports on how they're doing!


Deb said...

Douggie & Angelo are the purr-fect additions to our family :-)

Jeanne said...

How sweet and precious.
Purrfect post =^..^=

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Grandma Deb told us about her new Grandcats. They are handsome boys I know you will be a good momma for them. They look quite content in their new home.

Draffin Bears said...

Douggie and Angelo are adorable and what a lovely addition to your family.

You have a lovely blog and I enjoyed my visit.

Q said...

Dear Kate,
They are gorgeous!
Looking forward to hearing all about them.

Jen Kershner said...

Gorgeous little guys you've got there. Angelo looks so much like my best buddy, Tummy. I hope you have many years filled with love with your little guys.

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

I just love your 2 new kitty-cats! And great names, too! Your trip to the farmer's market looked wonderful. Nothing better!

Have a great weekend,