Monday, April 28, 2008

The Green Living Show

The t-shirt I bought for mum!

From the fabulously large selection of eco books
Make love...not CO2
A recycled carpet and pop bottle flower!

This past weekend, a friend and I decided to spend Saturday in Toronto at both the Green Living Show and the Elle Show. Since we aspire to be both environmentally conscious fashionistas, it was the perfect place to be!

Held at the Direct Energy Centre, the Green Living Show had everything from Hybrid cars and eco kitchens to eco cleaning products and an organic marketplace featuring vegan food! The free samples were endless and included organic cleaning products, pencils made from recycled currency, pamphlets on how to go green (and its benefits) - printed only on FSC approved paper, of course and lots more...but the real highlight of the day was a lecture by former president Bill Clinton on going green and an eco-chic fashion show featuring organic and hemp clothing.

It literally took us 3 hours to do a loop of the building and visit each and every one of the fabulous vendors. I ended up buying a few hemp grocery bags, some environmentally-friendly cleaning products and I couldn't resist picking up an organic t-shirt made in Canada printed with the words "Hotter than I should be" written across the front in eco-friendly ink for mum!
The show not only featured fabulously green vendors with fantastic organic, environmentally-friendly products, but it also provided visitors with the tools and resources needed to address areas such as conservation, preservation, recycling and composting. It was an excellent show, and I recommend you all run out and respect nature, conserve energy and hug a tree because, quite frankly, it's obscene to not go green...
Tomorrow, I will post all the pictures from our adventures at the ELLE show!

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Sounds like a fun day Kate!!