Monday, February 4, 2008

Nuit De Filles Dedans

Last Friday I had the girls over for a "girls night in" to celebrate my birthday. Because of school/work and other commitments, this past weekend was the only time any of us could get together to see each other and catch up. BUT, we also had a huge storm that hit us that same day...Luckily though, almost everyone was able to make it. I had won a spa package a few months ago, and one of the reps came over to pamper all of us, while we indulged in some delights! The menu included cheesecake, fruit tarts, mini cheese and brocolli quiche, a vegetable tray and spanikopita.
We had hand-softening treatments, foot soaks, a mini-makeover and we got to sample all of the fabulous organic and vegan-friendly products from the cosmetics line...body butters, aromatherapy oils, lip name it, we tried it!
I would have taken more pictures of the delicious appetizers (and the makeover process!), but not only did the girls practically take me down as soon as the cheesecake went on the table, we all looked like drag queens at the end of the night from having tried on so much makeup.
We had a great night and enjoyed great food, then went to a club downtown for martinis and dancing! What a way to celebrate!