Sunday, October 21, 2007

Se rattraper

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Have you missed me?

I can't believe two weeks has passed since my last post, and I apologize to all of you for being away for so long and not visiting you! I have been catching up with work, meeting deadlines, researching, crafting, and of course, garage sale-ing before the season is over!

I was recently promoted at work and have been co-ordinating upcoming events on top of doing work for my university so things around here have been very hectic! Mum and I also tried our hand at creating Sally Jean inspired necklaces which have turned out beautifully. You can view them on my mum's blog, Posted From Home...(she never neglects her blog like I am so guilty of and she is very much adored for that!)

This past weekend, mum and I scored a gorgeous antique scale and a beautiful dress mould that we have BIG plans for...and speaking of garage sales, the tea cart I found a few weekends ago has also been receiving some T.L.C from me and is being prepped for a fresh coat of white paint! You are all in for a treat when you see the spin mum and I are putting on it once we are finished!

For now, I will leave you with a picture of the Thanksgiving cupcakes I made for my co-workers on Thanksgiving Monday!


Rosemary said...

Hi Kate,
I have missed you. Sounds like you have been a busy girl. I always read your mum's blog too.
Catch up with me soon,

Q said...

Dear Kate,
Work and art do take up our minutes...Being creative with your Mum is the best. I bet you two have lots of fun.

red tin heart said...

I have missed you! And the cupcakes look divine. xoxo Nita

Pam Aries said...

Sacre Bleu! I wondered what happened to you! Ha! I do the same thing sometimes..days..weeks go by! Good to hear from you! I am now going to visit your Mom's blog..Cool!

red tin heart said...

Kate: Check out my blogger trick or treating. xoxo Nita

the feathered nest said...

The cupcakes look very cute!


Sheila said...

Yes Kate you were missed. But I asked your Mum and she told me you were busy..!
The cupcakes look delsih..!

Susie Q said...

I DID miss you!! You have been a busy bee haven't you?
Those cupcakes are wonderful! They are as pretty to see as they were delicious to eat I know!

Have a sweet Wednesday!


red tin heart said...

You have been tagged! xoxo Nita

Pam Aries said...

YUM CUPCAKES! Save the Turkeys! Eat more cupcakes! . I am going to go see your Mere now!

cityfarmer said...

Yes, I've missed you and still do.

red tin heart said...

i miss you!! xoxo nita

Anonymous said...