Thursday, August 2, 2007

Port Perry (Take Two!)

I'm back from my travels! Did you miss me? I feel like I have abandoned blogging lately, as work commitments have bogged me down lately. But, I am back into the swing of things and I promise you lots of posts!

On Monday night, we had the best time at a dinner theatre watching a Tribute to the Bee was fantastic! They received two standing ovations and played for two hours straight! Mum and I, of course, were dancing in the's the Latin blood in us!

And then this afternoon, we had the best time visiting Port Perry. We browsed through the most unique shops, sampled some great food, and even had time to visit Erin, a small town on our way back home. Even though the temperature hit 44 at one point, we managed to get from shop to shop and luckily, they were all air conditioned!

We visited a few favourite shops of ours including Delights, which has French inspired home and garden accessories and houses a large collection of over sized French clocks, and Pamper and Soothe, a perfumery shop. Once we entered, I knew I had to get the etched glass container...I think I'll put my bath salts in it!

The second picture from the top is my finished collage which I created out of a variety of paper, vintage lace, buttons, an antique playing card (you know how much I love those!) and a glittered letter. It feels so great to be able to find the time to create again, I don't know what I'd do without it.


Sheila said...

Kate I'm so glad you both enjoyed your visit to Port Perry.
Pamper and Soothe is one of my favourite stores, and I can never leave without buying something. Your glass decanter is lovely.
So is your collage, the colours are so soft and soothing.

Rosemary said...

Wow Kate,
Sounds like a lot of fun.
Love your artwork!!
Thanks for sharing all of the great photos.
Have a good weekend!

Blue said...

I was just commenting to your Mum, that you were so close to us you could have popped in for tea!! We are in Oshawa.
We love Pamper and Soothe too, oh to have a blank cheque to spend in there!!!

Jeanne said...

How very lovely your travels sound.....
Much love
Jeanne ^j^

Mary said...

Sounds like a fun trip Kate - glad you could take a break.
Stop over and visit - I'm doing a giveaway to celebrate my 100th post. Everyone needs a party now and then - so drop your name in the hat - there's even a little French goodie tucked in!!

Susie Q said...

What a wonderful place and such fun.
I am so glad you enjoyed yourself!
Your collage is just are such a talent dear heart!


Amy Wagner said...

Sometimes I am intrigued by the outside of the buildings when I go somewhere and just know there must be something just as wonderful inside!!!!
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Soleil said...

I was at Pamper & Soothe in Thornbury last week! I loved it and only bought a little trinket, because I was so overwhelmed by all the goodies. It was our first trip to Collingwood (we're from Michigan). I fell in love with the area and can't wait to go back next summer to visit my Dad again. Port Perry looks like a charming town. Hope I get to visit someday.